Membership Directory

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Member Name Phone Email
Aileen Adams
Former Vice Provost for Strategic Alliances
Provost's Office
[email protected]
Carol Mauch Amir
General Counsel and Secretary of the University
Office of the General Counsel
213-740-7922 [email protected]
Lisa Andaleon
Director of Operations and Senior Business Officer
USC Stevens Center for Innovation
213-740-7249 [email protected]
Tammara Anderson
Excutive Director
Joint Educational Project (JEP)
213-740-1824 [email protected]
Vanessa Ault
Learning Support Administrative Assistant
School of Social Work
440-315-5792 [email protected]
Shelby Avol
Budget/Business Technician
Annenberg Business Office
213-740-5992 [email protected]
Rachel Baeza
Manager, Payment Audits & Compliance
Payment Services
213-740-2712 [email protected]
Leilani Banks
Fiscal Administrator
Spatial Sciences Institute
213-821-2193 [email protected]
Brenda Barnes
President & General Manager
213-225-7460 [email protected]
Roxana Bellia
Director, Talent Acquisition & Development
Human Resources/Talent Management
213-379-2679 [email protected]
Roberta Diaz Brinton
Professor (Former Vice Provost for University Diversity)
Pharmacology and Pharmaceutical Sciences
323-442-1430 [email protected]
Janette Brown
Asst. Vice Provost, adjunct faculty
USC Emeriti Center, USC Davis School of Gerontology
213-740-7121 [email protected]
Joanna Caballero
Director of Coding
USC Care
626-457-4054 [email protected]
Aileen Calimlim
Senior Research Administrative Director
University of Southern California
323-442-1710 [email protected]
Deborah Call
Associate Dean
213-740-3121 [email protected]
Carmen Carillo
Director, Human Resources
Keck School of Medicine of USC
323-442-1308 [email protected]
Laura Carlos
Department Business Manager
213-740-2071 [email protected]
Denise Conine
Lock Shop Supervisor
Facilities Management Services
213-821-5922 [email protected]
Ashley Cooper
Director, Corporate and Foundation Relations
USC Dornsife
213-740-4992 [email protected]
Dana Coyle
Program Manager
Center for Excellence in Teaching
213-821-3925 [email protected]
Carol Craig
Director Client Experience - Information Services
Keck Medicine of USC
323-442-9916 [email protected]
Silvia da Costa
Director of Faculty Research Relations
Office of Research
213-821-5537 [email protected]
Christina Dieli-Conwright
Assistant Professor
Biokinesiology and Physical Therapy
323-442-2905 [email protected]
Suzanne  Edmeier
626-221-8900 [email protected]
Jo Edmiston
Executive Assistant
Law School
213-740-2611 [email protected]
Jennifer Encinas
Program Manager
Family Medicine
213-714-1106 [email protected]
Kerry Etheridge
Communications Manager
Business Services
213-821-1786 [email protected]
Marilyn Flynn
School of Social Work
213-740-8311 [email protected]
Jill Frater
Business Continuity Specialist
Fire Safety & Emergency Planning
213-359-7118 [email protected]
Justina Gaddy
Assistant Director of Admissions
Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism
213-821-0767 [email protected]
Cindy Galindo
Executive Director, Strategic Initiatives & Special Projects
University Advancement
213-740-7826 [email protected]
Karen Symms Gallagher
Rossier School of Edcation
213-740-5756 [email protected]
Elizabeth  Garrett
Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost
Provost's Office
213-740-2101 [email protected]
Rita Gonzales
Project Manager
Information Technology Services
213-740-7716 [email protected]
Jodie  Griner
HR Manager
213-740-4948 [email protected]
Katherine Guevara
Instructional Designer
Center for Excellence in Teaching
213-740-8823 [email protected]
Katharine Harrington
Vice President of Admissions and Planning
Enrollment Services
213-740-7849 [email protected]
Martha Harris
Senior Vice President-Retired
University Relations
213-740-5371 [email protected]
Susan Harris
Associate Director
Joint Educational Project
213-740-1830 [email protected]
Deborah Hazzard
Project Director
213-740-9270 [email protected]
MariaElena Hege
Assistant to the Senior Executive Director, Office of Foundation Relations
323-442-2340 [email protected]
Carolyn Heine
Assistant Registrar
Academic Records and Registrar
213-740-4636 [email protected]
Susan Heitman
Associate Senior Vice President-Retired
University Communications
[email protected]
Cynthia Henderson
Associate Dean Health Sciences Libraries
University of Southern California
323-442-1130 [email protected]
Aubrey Hicks
Assistant Director, Bedrosian Center
323-377-2997 [email protected]
Allyson Hill
Associate Dean, Admissions
Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism
213-821-0766 [email protected]
Erin Jebavy
Marketing & Events Coordinator
Career Center
213-740-9112 [email protected]
Natasha Jokic
Assistant Director, Stewardship and Donor Relations
Marshall School
213-821-9320 [email protected]
Briggette Jones
Office of Integrated Credentialing
323-442-6823 [email protected]
Carolyn Kil
Office Manager
Pharmacology and Pharmaceutical Sciences
323-442-0066 [email protected]
Suh-Pyng Ku
Marshall School of Business
213-740-6540 [email protected]
Santhi Kumar
Division of Pulmonary/Critical Care & Sleep Medicine
949-573-5755 [email protected]
Laura LaCorte
Associate Sr. Vice President
Office of Compliance
213-740-8258 [email protected]
Lanore Larson
Educational Program Designer
Marshall School of Business
821-0804 [email protected]
Dorine Lawrence-Hughes
Clinical Assistant Professor
Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism
213-740-3970 [email protected]
Sharon Lee
Associate Administrator
Keck Hospital of USC/Norris Cancer Hospital
626-696-2183 [email protected]
Lisa  Mataczynski
Program Manager
Public Health/Preventive Medicine
323-442-2593 [email protected]
Ginger Mayerson
Digital Debate Project Coordinator Debate Squad
Annenberg School for Communication
323-201-7147 [email protected]
Janis McEldowney
Assoc. Sr. Vice President, Human Resources
Senior Vice President, Administration
213-821-8103 [email protected]
Lynda McGinnis
Assistant Professor
323-226-4965 [email protected]
Joan McLane
Senior Clinical Administrator
Keck School of Medicine
323-865-3729 [email protected]
Kristine Moe
Curriculum Coordinator
213-740-1155 [email protected]
Jean Morrison
Former Executive Vice Provost of Academic Affairs
Academic Affairs, Director, Women in Science and Engineering
213-740-3551 [email protected]
Jenik Movssesian
Business Manager
School of Pharmacy
323-442-1372 [email protected]
Dawn Muench
Development Coordinator
Keck School of Medicine
323-442-2356 [email protected]
Kavita Munjal
Senior Executive Director, Foundation Relations
323-442-2340 [email protected]
Patricia  Nerad
USCUH - Transitional Care
323-442-8910 [email protected]
Nancy Olmos
Head, Metadata & Content Management
USC Norris Medical Library
323-442-2068 [email protected]
Elaine Padilla
Associate Director
Marshall MBA Admissions, Marshall School of Business
213-740-6412 [email protected]
Rose Park MPH CHES
Senior Practicum Coordinator, Master of Public Health Program
Preventive Medicine/Keck School of Medicine
323-442-7255 [email protected]
Stacy Patterson
Program Manager
Division of Media Arts + Practice, School of Cinematic Arts
213-821-5737 [email protected]
Sarah Pratt
Vice Provost of Graduate Programs/Professor
213-740-8867 [email protected]
Madeline Puzo
School of Theater
213-821-5491 [email protected]
Janice Quan
Accountant II
Financial and Business Services
213-821-2804 [email protected]
Catherine Quinlan
USC Libraries
213-821-2344 [email protected]
Kristina Raspe
Vice President
Real Estate Development and Asset Management
213-821-3070 [email protected]
Linda Rock
Vice Dean for Administration
USC Viterbi School of Engineering
213-821-1801 [email protected]
Toni Rodriguez
Program Assistant
Regulatory Science
323-442-0237 [email protected]
Jennifer Severa
Senior Administrator, Divisions of GHPGIM and Nephrology
323-226-6573 [email protected]
Shawn Sheffield
Chief Strategy & Business Dev Offr,Med Ctr
SVP for USC Health-Administration
323-442-9710 [email protected]
Sari Sillanpaa
Senior Associate Director, Office of the CIO
Marshall School of Business
213-740-7155 [email protected]
Michelle Simonsen
Director of Operations & Concerts
USC Thornton School of Music
213-740-5363 [email protected]
Natalia Slusky
Clinical Assistant Professor
Herman Ostrow School of Dentsitry of USC
213-821-6861 [email protected]
Kristen F.  Soares
Former Senior Associate Vice President, US Government Relations
Government and Community Relations
916-442-6911 [email protected]
Barbara Solomon
Emerita Professor (Former Vice Provost for Faculty Diversity)
Emeriti Center
310-559-3581 [email protected]
Kathleen Speer
Senior Associate Dean
USC Dana and David Dornsife College of Letters, Arts and Sciences
213-740-4497 [email protected]
Phyllis Steiner
Marshall School of Business
310-837-9820 [email protected]
Rochelle Steiner
Roski School of Fine Arts
213-740-6267 [email protected]
Margo Steurbaut
Vice President of Finance
Office of Budget and Planning
213-740-2561 [email protected]
Kathleen Sullivan
Clinical Quality Informatics Manager
Keck Medical Center of USC
323-442-5332 [email protected]
Bernice Taylor
Assistant Director, Marshall GEMBA / EMBA Programs
Marshall EMBA Programs
213-740-8243 [email protected]
Queenie Taylor
Department Coordinator
Marshall Management and Organization
213-740-0754 [email protected]
Kathleen Tesar
Special Events Coordinator
Thornton Operations
310-435-1063 [email protected]
Annie Thompson
Wilson Dental Library
213-740-1441 [email protected]
Cheryl Van Rensselaer
Realtor/Property Manager/Notary
Real Estate
562-381-3801 [email protected]
Lydia Vazquez
Division Administrator
Biokinesiology & Pysical Therapy
323-442-1883 [email protected]
Angela Walker
Assistant Director
United States
213-948-1726 [email protected]
JaNelle Weatherford
Senior Business Officer and Financial Project Manager
University Finance
213-740-5640 [email protected]
Carolyn Webb de Macias
Vice President-Retired
External Relations
213-740-7400 [email protected]
Laury Wedin
Appointments and Promotions
Department of Medicine
323-226-7594 [email protected]
Ruth Weisberg
Professor (Former Dean)
Roski School of Fine Arts
Stephanie Westmyer
Training Specialist
Experiential Learning Center
Cynthia Wiese
Executive Assistant
Trojan Marching Band
Joanna Williams
Associate Director, Education
Leonette Williams
Associate Director
Law Library
Patricia Wong
CACS Administrator
CACS / Engineering
Kelly Wynn
Assistant Director of Special Events
United States