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Information obtained from this directory may not be used to provide addresses for mailings to students, parents of students, faculty or staff. Any solicitation of business, information, contributions or other response from individuals listed in this publication by mail, telephone or other means is not allowed.

Member Name Phone Email
Aileen Adams
Former Vice Provost for Strategic Alliances
Provost's Office
Valerie Alvarado
Human Resources Manager
Office of the Senior Vice President, Administration
213-821-8161 valeried@usc.edu
Carol Mauch Amir
General Counsel and Secretary of the University
Office of the General Counsel
213-740-7922 cmauch@usc.edu
Tammara Anderson
Excutive Director
Joint Educational Project (JEP)
213-740-1824 tanderso@usc.edu
Delia Aquino
Radiation Safety Officer
Gamma Knife/Keck Hospital of USC
323-865-3512 delia.aquino@health.usc.edu
Rachel Baeza
Manager, Payment Audits and Check Distribution
Disbursement Control
213-740-2712 rbaeza@usc.edu
Kate Balog
Associate Director of Development
USC Keck-Norris Development
323-865-0862 kate.balog@med.usc.edu
Leilani Banks
Office Manager I
Spatial Sciences Institute
213-821-2193 lbanks@dornsife.usc.edu
Brenda Barnes
President & General Manager
213-225-7460 bbarnes@kusc.org
Laurel Barosh
Program Manager
Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center
310-893-4889 laurelbarosh@gmail.com
Marjorie Beale
Executive Director, Strategic Initiatives
Dornsife Advancement
213-821-9335 mbeale@usc.edu
Roxana Bellia
Senior Manager, Leadership & Organization Effectiveness
CAPS/Talent Management
562-673-7174 rbellia@caps.usc.edu
Kathleen Bonagofsky
Administrative Assistant II
Provost Office
213-740-2101 bonagofs@usc.edu
LaVern Braziel
Customer Service Supervisor
USCard Services
213-740-2477 lbraziel@usc.edu
Hazel Breen
Executive Director of Development
Keck School of Medicine of USC Zilkha Neurogenetic Institute
323-442-2684 hbreen@usc.edu
Roberta Diaz Brinton
Professor (Former Vice Provost for University Diversity)
Pharmacology and Pharmaceutical Sciences
Janette Brown
Executive Director, adjunct faculty
USC Emeriti Center, USC Davis School of Gerontology
213-740-7121 jcbrown@usc.edu
Dr. Donna Buchanan
Director Organizational and Professional Development
Office of the Associate Vice President, FMS
213-740-6373 dbuchanan@fms.usc.edu
Nicole Burelli
Congrats and Grants Coordinator
School of Policy, Planning, and Development
213-821-8175 burelli@sppd.usc.edu
Marcedes Butler
Academic Review Lead Counselor
Academic Records and Registrar
213-740-1187 marcedeb@usc.edu
Deborah Call
Associate Dean
213-740-3121 dcall@law.usc.edu
Anne Marie Campian
Annengberg Graduate Advisor, Ph.D in Communication
Annenberg School of Communication & Journalism
213-740-0903 campian@usc.edu
Laura Carlos
Department Business Manager
213-740-2071 lauracarlos3@gmail.com
Carolina Castillo
Executive Director of Development
Civic Engagement, University Relations
213-743-5263 ccastill@usc.edu
Christine Chan
Assistant Director, Foundation Relations
Keck School of Medicine
323-442-2656 chan9@med.usc.edu
Anna Chhabria
Contracts and Compliance Manager
Information Technology Services
213-740-4140 ansuyac@usc.edu
Samantha Chilton
Director of Design and Development
ITS Web Services
213-740-8706 chilton@usc.edu
Dana Coyle
Program Manager
Center for Excellence in Teaching
213-821-3925 coyle@usc.edu
Carol Craig
Senior Director, Customer Support
Information Technology Services
213-740-3030 carolg@usc.edu
Silvia da Costa
Director of Faculty Research Relations
Office of Research
213-821-5537 sdacosta@usc.edu
Muna Deriane
Associate Director, Foundation Relations
Keck School of Medicine of USC
323-442-1885 deriane@usc.edu
Josie Drury
Director, Business Operations
Keck Hospital of USC
323-442-9630 josie.drury@med.usc.edu
Jo Edmiston
Executive Assistant
Law School
213-740-2611 jedmiston@law.usc.edu
Kerry Etheridge
Communications Manager
Business Services
213-821-1786 kerry.etheridge@usc.edu
Barbara Farrell
Senior Clinical Administrator
Medicine / Pulmonary & Critical Care
323-226-7923 barbaraf@usc.edu
Frances Fitzgerald
Student Services Coordinator
The Graduate School/Office of the Provost
213-740-9045 ffitzger@usc.edu
Marilyn Flynn
School of Social Work
213-740-8311 mflynn@usc.edu
Sarah Fried-Gintis
Program Manager, Women in Science and Engineering (WiSE)
Office of the Provost
213-740-0996 sfried@usc.edu
Karen Symms Gallagher
Rossier School of Edcation
213-740-5756 rsoedean@usc.edu
Elizabeth  Garrett
Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost
Provost's Office
213-740-2101 uscprovost@usc.edu
Barbara Goen
Assistant Dean
Rossier School of Education
213-740-2362 barbara.goen@usc.edu
Melanie Goldfarb
Assistant Professor of Surgery
Keck School of Medicine
323-865-3535 melanie.goldfarb@med.usc.edu
Juanita Gomez
Events Manager
University Club
213-740-1891 juanagom@usc.edu
Rita Gonzales
Project Manager
Information Technology Services
213-740-7716 rcgonzal@usc.edu
Gita Govahi
Director Instruction & Research Support
AIS-Marshall School of Business
213-740-5572 ggovahi@marshall.usc.edu
Holly Gunderson
Operations Manager
323-226-6571 hollygun@usc.edu
Gabriela Gutierrez
Division Administrator
323-442-1947 gagutier@usc.edu
Katharine Harrington
Vice President of Admissions and Planning
Enrollment Services
213-740-7849 afadean@usc.edu
Martha Harris
Senior Vice President-Retired
University Relations
213-740-5371 mharris@usc.edu
Carolyn Heine
Assistant Registrar
Academic Records and Registrar
213-740-4636 cheine@usc.edu
Susan Heitman
Associate Senior Vice President-Retired
University Communications
Allyson Hill
Assistant Dean, Admissions
Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism
213-821-0766 allysonh@usc.edu
Karen Howell
Director, Leavey Library
USC Libraries
213-740-2933 khowell@usc.edu
Sue Hunt
Assistant Dean
Marshall School of Business
213-740-0671 suehunt@marshall.usc.edu
Angelita Ibanez
Accounting Manager
323-224-7042 aibanez@usc.edu
Kathy Kassar
Contracts & Grants Coordinator
Preventive Medicine
323-865-0831 kassar@usc.edu
Stephanie Kennedy
Director of Ambulatory Operations
Hospital Operations Keck Medical Center of USC
323-442-8984 Stephanie.Kennedy@med.usc.edu
Tracy Kerr
Director, Human Resources and Office Operations
Information Technology Services
213-821-5334 tkerr@usc.edu
Linda Kim
Program Specialist
Korean Studies Institute
213-740-3758 lindaeki@dornsife.usc.edu
Sherlie Knox
Assistant Director
Marshall School of Business - Executive MBA Program
213-740-6809 sknox@marshall.usc.edu
Suh-Pyng Ku
Marshall School of Business
213-740-6540 suhpyng.ku@marshall.usc.edu
Laura LaCorte
Associate Sr. Vice President
Office of Compliance
213-740-8258 llacorte@usc.edu
Francesca Lafayette
Human Resources Specialist
Viterbi Engineering Business Affairs
213-821-5465 flafayet@usc.edu
Lanore Larson
Educational Program Designer
Marshall School of Business
821-0804 lanorela@marshall.usc.edu
Dorine Lawrence-Hughes
Assistant Director, Clinical Assistant Professor
Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism
213-740-3970 dllawren@usc.edu
JJ Lee
International Student Advisor
American Language Institute
213-740-0090 janettel@usc.edu
Sharon Lee
Associate Administrator
Keck Hospital of USC/Norris Cancer Hospital
626-696-2183 sharon.lee@health.usc.edu
Zsuzsa Londe
213-740-0079 londe@usc.edu
Zsuzsa Londe
Assistant Professor (Teaching)
American Language Institute
310-486-5100 zsuzsalonde@gmail.com
Carolina Lopez
Office Assistant
213-713-5960 lope968@marshall.usc.edu
Susan Lopez
Associate Dean for Administration and Finance
Thornton School of Music
213-740-3209 smlopez@usc.edu
Aida Lozada
Research Project Manager
626-665-9993 aidalozadam@gmail.com
Lisa  Mataczynski
Director, Recruitment and Academic Programs
Information Technology Program / Viterbi
213-821-2175 mataczyn@usc.edu
Ginger Mayerson
Digital Debate Project Coordinator Debate Squad
Annenberg School for Communication
323-201-7147 mayerson@usc.edu
Janis McEldowney
Assoc. Sr. Vice President, Human Resources
Senior Vice President, Administration
213-437-1803 mceldown@usc.edu
Joan McLane
Senior Clinical Administrator
Keck School of Medicine
323-865-3729 jmclane@usc.edu
Tina Meins
Buyer III
Purchasing - Financial & Business Services
213-740-9792 meins@usc.edu
Kristine Moe
Curriculum Coordinator
213-740-1155 kristine.moe@usc.edu
Jean Morrison
Former Executive Vice Provost of Academic Affairs
Academic Affairs, Director, Women in Science and Engineering
213-740-3551 morrison@usc.edu
Dawn Muench
Development Coordinator
Foundation Relations
323-442-2356 dawn.muench@med.usc.edu
Kavita Munjal
Snr. Exec. Director of Foundation Relations
Development / Keck School of Medicine of USC
323-442-2340 bpool@usc.edu
Kavita Munjal
Senior Executive Director of Foundation Relations
KSOM Development
323-442-2355 munjal@usc.edu
Idalia Munoz
Administrative Director
Perioperative Services
323-442-8900 Idalia.munoz@health.usc.edu
Saori Ogura
Catering Sales Manager
USC Hospitality
213-740-1411 sogura@usc.edu
Elaine Padilla
Associate Director
Marshall MBA Admissions, Marshall School of Business
213-740-6412 epadilla@marshall.usc.edu
Rose Park MPH CHES
Practicum Coordinator, Master of Public Health Program
Preventive Medicine/Keck School of Medicine
323-442-7255 rchon@usc.edu
Stacy Patterson
Program Manager
Division of Media Arts + Practice, School of Cinematic Arts
213-821-5737 spatterson@cinema.usc.edu
Sonia Perez
Associate Director of HR
Auxiliary Services
213-740-8593 sonia.perez@usc.edu
Lorena Peters
Accountant I
USCard Services
213-821-1637 lpeters@usc.edu
Beverly Philipp
Talent Management Business Partner
CAPS/ Talent Management
213-821-6451 bphilipp@caps.usc.edu
Sarah Pratt
Vice Provost of Graduate Programs/Professor
213-740-8867 pratt@usc.edu
Marian Purcell
Administrative Services Coordinator
Facilities Management Services
323-442-0012 purcells@usc.edu
Madeline Puzo
School of Theater
213-821-5491 puzo@usc.edu
Janice Quan
Accountant II
Financial and Business Services
213-821-2804 janicequ@usc.edu
Catherine Quinlan
USC Libraries
213-821-2344 cquinlan@usc.edu
Christine Rahn
Assistant Dean of Administration
Roski School of Fine Arts
213-821-2076 davischr@usc.edu
Lourdes Ramirez
Director, Data Center Operations
Information Technology Services
213-740-9001 Lourdes@usc.edu
Kristina Raspe
Vice President
Real Estate Development and Asset Management
213-821-3070 kraspe@usc.edu
Chloe Reid
Associate Dean and Dean of Admissions
Gould School of Law
213-740-2610 creid@law.usc.edu
Linda Rock
Vice Dean for Administration
USC Viterbi School of Engineering
213-821-1801 lrock@usc.edu
Laura Romero
Program Specialist
Rossier Global EdD and PhD Programs
213-740-4035 laura.romero@usc.edu
Roxanne Roske
Sr. Complaint Investigator
Office of Equity and Diversity
323-442-2020 roske@usc.edu
Char Ryan
Associate Administrator, Hospital Operations
USC University Hospital
323-442-5838 cryan@usc.edu
Alexis Shah
Director of Development
School of Cinematic Arts
310-971-5145 ashah@cinema.usc.edu
Shawn Sheffield
Chief Strategy & Business Dev Offr,Med Ctr
SVP for USC Health-Administration
323-442-9710 shawnshe@usc.edu
Sari Sillanpaa
Senior Associate Director, Office of the CIO
Marshall School of Business
213-740-7155 sillanpa@marshall.usc.edu
Kristen F.  Soares
Former Senior Associate Vice President, US Government Relations
Government and Community Relations
916-442-6911 ksoares@usc.edu
Barbara Solomon
Emerita Professor (Former Vice Provost for Faculty Diversity)
Emeriti Center
310-559-3581 bsolomon@usc.edu
Kathleen Speer
Senior Associate Dean
USC Dana and David Dornsife College of Letters, Arts and Sciences
213-740-4497 kspeer@usc.edu
Phyllis Steiner
Marshall School of Business
310-837-9820 psteiner@usc.edu
Rochelle Steiner
Roski School of Fine Arts
213-740-6267 rochelle.steiner@usc.edu
Margo Steurbaut
Vice President of Finance
Office of Budget and Planning
213-740-2561 steurbau@usc.edu
Laurie Stone
Executive Director of Land Use and Planning & University Counsel
Real Estate and Asset Management & Office of the General Counsel
323-442-1336 bennettb@usc.edu
Bernice Taylor
Assistant Director, Marshall GEMBA / EMBA Programs
Marshall EMBA Programs
213-740-8243 bg.taylor@marshall.usc.edu
Queenie Taylor
Department Coordinator
Marshall Management and Organization
213-740-0754 qtaylor@marshall.usc.edu
Andrea Torres
Director, Student Support and Advocacy
Office of the Vice Provost for Student Affairs
213-740-6530 andreag@usc.edu
Cindy Tsukamoto
Dean's Assistant
Roski School of Fine Arts
213-740-6267 cindyt@usc.edu
Trisha Tucker
Associate Director
Writing Program
213-740-1984 ttucker@usc.edu
Cheryl Van Rensselaer
Property Manager
Real Estate
562-299-7675 cvanren@yahoo.com
Lydia Vazquez
Division Administrator
Biokinesiology & Pysical Therapy
323-442-1883 lvazquez@usc.edu
Jenny Vazquez-Akim
Associate Director, Student Engagement and Support Programs
Viterbi School of Engineering Admission and Student Affairs Division
213-740-4530 vazqueza@usc.edu
Janet Villarmia
Executive Director (Associate Director for Administration)
USC Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center
323-865-0801 janet.villarmia@med.usc.edu
JaNelle Weatherford
Special Projects Manager
University Finance
213-740-5640 janelle.weatherford@usc.edu
Carolyn Webb de Macias
Vice President-Retired
External Relations
213-740-7400 cwdm@usc.edu
Ruth Weisberg
Professor (Former Dean)
Roski School of Fine Arts
213-740-2787 reweisb@usc.edu
Kim West
Associate Dean, Undergraduate Program
Marshall School of Business
213-740-5267 kwest@usc.edu
Stephanie Westmyer
Training Specialist
Experiential Learning Center
949-350-1443 westmyer@marshall.usc.edu
Alicia White
Office Manager
Critical Studies, School of Cinematic Arts
213-740-3333 acornish@cinema.usc.edu
Cynthia Wiese
Executive Assistant
Trojan Marching Band
213-740-7879 cwiese@usc.edu
Leonette Williams
Associate Director
Law Library
213-740-2635 lwilliams@law.usc.edu
Mary Wilson
Corporate Card Program Administrator
Financial and Business Services
213-740-9793 mewilson@usc.edu
Cindy Wright
Executive Assistant
Real Estate and Asset Management
213-740-8221 cwright@re.usc.edu
Pamela  Yamamoto Ireland
Assistant Director
USC Language Academy
213-740-7892 peyamamoto@yahoo.com
Kristen Young
Accounting/Financial Supervisor
Annenberg Business Office
213-740-2053 ksyoung@usc.edu
Vicki Young
Computer Consultant II
Educational Affairs Keck School of Medicine
323-442-2156 vyoung@usc.edu

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