We have already begun what is sure to be another remarkable year! 

Your Board is inviting new guests, exploring new professional development topics and planning several opportunities for us to encourage, advocate and empower each other. Over the course of this past year, there were nearly 40 opportunities (across all of our programs) for us to do just that and more. I encourage you to visit our Past Events section of this website for a sense of what we accomplished together. 

And, in addition to thanking the WIM Board for their hard work, we thank YOU - our Members, allies and guests - for your ongoing support. 

While there are numerous events and programs to highlight, here are a few milestones of note:

  • Our HSC Book Club continued to thrive, and the UPC Book Club launched. 
  • Together, we hosted our first author event, discussing Reproducing Racism with law professor and writer, Daria Roithmayr. 
  • We had two Meet Ups, which provided casual conversation and art over a cup of coffee (or tea).
  • Weekly Updates (by email to the WIM listserv) launched in earnst and will continue.
  • Membership grew, too!

Many of you have indicated an interest in serving the organization, and we are exploring opportunities for you to serve on committees, especially as Welcoming Co-hosts for our larger events. If you think you may be interested in learning more, please email me. And, as always, if you have an idea for a professional development session or other event or speaker, contact our Board Members heading those areas. We look forward to your insights!

    As always, you have my appreciation.
    Thank you for electing me to serve,
    Stacy Patterson
    WIM President (2016-17)


    Friday, September 30, 2016